Headgear to challenge the spring racing carnival!

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Making circlets at Utopia

Utopia was about all sorts of things and I got to share my "elemental" self by running a "faerie circlet" making workshop during registration and boy was there some creative head gear made by people!
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Utopia 2009....What a BLAST!!!

Well Utopia 2009 lived up to all expectations. International speakers, ceremony, ritual, relaxation, creativity and some contemporary research. What a combination "> Over the coming weeks I'll be sharing snippets of the presentations from Utopia 2009 recorded during the course of the three days. The enormous investment of time, energy and financial support by Sue Coombes and Simone Matthews was evident from the outset. The co-creators of Utopia 2009 had left no detail to chance. The venue was decorated beautifully, the schedule was timely and the food and Saturday night concert amazing. The range of speakers on offer from Jeremy Donovan's inspiring presentation on Aboriginal spirituality and the moving closing ceremony he facilitated, assisted by Steven Farmer, to the practical use of personality trait identification and skill building that Mike White has developed for Aussie school kids to help them achieve academically. From Lia Scullen's amazing "Sounds of Sirius" channelling to Michelle Brennan's work photographing and analysing orbs. From Steven Farmers sharmanic meditation to Simone's presentation on fate and destiny. Jain 108 spoke of his love of maths (yes that's MATHS!) and sacred geometry, to Mz Marg Gill's presentation on building your business. It was all there...........and that was just the keynote addresses! The workshops were just as diverse and informative.

As I have told you previously, I was the Master of Ceremonies, a job I really enjoy and I must say, thanks to the wonderful team of volunteers, particularly Donna and Anne-Marie, my job was made so very easy.

The beauty of Utopia is that it grew from a vision Sue Coombes had to provide a place of retreat and learning for people interested in spirituality, complementary therapies, metaphysics and human evolution. Sue recruited a partner in Simone Matthews and together for the second year, they overcome stress, financial pressure and anxiety to share themselves and their passion with the presenters, the volunteers, the exhibitors and the attendees in a way that truly created a sacred space for everyone to do what it was that they had come for.

On a personal note, I met many old friends as well as new ones. I had an opportunity to talk about death and grief (which always makes me happy), I got to listen to some international experts and to nurture myself in the warmth and sun of Noosa. What a great way to spend a weekend!

Sincere thanks to all of the people who made Utopia 2009.............it was a blast!

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