9/9/09....does it make a forth 9 or is it 9/9/2009, therefore two 9's and one 11 and what does that mean anyway????

Today being the 9th day of the 9th month in 2009, must mean something special, or does it? If you google the number "9" or today's date you will find a plethora of numerological information on the number nine and the universal impact of the nine energy. Nine represents compassion, love, service and morality. Nine is also the number that represents 'endings', whether that means death (in a physical sense) or death of some part of our lives that we have outgrown, it doesn't really matter, it's about completion. Completion of a task, completion of a mission or of a way of thinking. Now I'm no numerologist, in fact I have far more natural affinity with words than numbers, but the visual beauty of 090909 cannot be denied.

Some numerologists refer to today as being more influenced by 11 than 9. How do they come to this conclusion? Well they add 9+9+2+0+0+9. This is significant why? Because 11 is the master number, which means it is doubly powerful in its attributes of awareness, compassion and intuition. The number 11 is truly representative of the "Utopian" philosophy of equality, nurturing and service for the good of all.

In my view, today provides a wonderful opportunity for us to take a moment to reflect on the 'big picture'. What am I doing to serve my fellow man? What aspects of my life are not serving me well? What am I ready to let go of now? What can I do to build my sense of self worth? How can I show more true empathy and compassion to the people around me? How can I make the world a better place?

So it doesn't matter if you think numerology is a lot of baloney, the positive nine attributes are attributes we should all aspire to.............no matter what the date is. So maybe today is just a reminder to us to STOP, THINK and DO something of service to the people around us, and surely that is a good thing?

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