Chaplains Without Borders

Chaplains Without Borders work with a range of organisations from corporations, such as banks or central offices, to semi-corporate organisations, like shopping centres or football clubs. We provide:

• Employee assistance and counselling services
• Training and wellbeing seminars
• Conflict management and mediation
• Leadership and Management Development
• Trauma and Serious Incident Management

Why a Chaplain?

Chaplains without Borders is an interfaith chaplaincy service that works across borders in two ways.

• Religious borders – our chaplains come from a range of different backgrounds. They’re not all priests, but all are interested in spirituality and the welfare of others.

• Borders of “Place” – Traditionally, chaplains have worked at hospitals or for military style organisations such as the army or police forces to provide counselling and spiritual guidance. But today there are a whole range of organisations that are looking for help, from major train stations, to banks and sports teams.

Each of our chaplains is trained in counselling and can give your people the keys to unlock their potential.

Find out more about the services we provide by exploring this site further or by contacting us directly at:
Mobile: 0425 721 962.