The Embassy at Pier 9

The Embassy at Pier 9 is a groundbreaking initiative with the primary focus of raising community awareness and involvement in all aspects of spirituality.

The Embassy's mission and vision acknowledges the need in all people to feel connected to their spiritual self and to their community and aims to provide a range of opportunities for people to explore these aspects of themselves. Spiritual awareness is not necessarily linked to any formalised religious structures but involves awareness of the relationship we have with ourselves and others and how we create meaning in our lives.

The Embassy is currently negotiating to acquire space in the Central Pier precinct of Docklands, Victoria where it plans to establish a community space that provides a haven for people to explore all aspects of spiritual development and community relationships.

The Embassy plans to conduct courses, support groups, classes and discussion groups which focusing on:
•Community Building
•Health, well-being and fitness
•Education & Leadership
and empower and embrace community organisations to become active in providing programs that address a demonstrated need in our community.

Ensuring that the space is all inclusive, the Embassy created at Docklandswill be a place where people from all faiths, backgrounds, cultures, traditions and social experiences can come together and learn, discuss, explore and connect.

Docklands is currently a dynamic developing area of central Melbourne that has the potential to become Melbourne’s heart. The Embassy’s vision is to ensure it has a soul.

If you would like more information on The Embassy, please contact Molly Carlile or Fr James Grant.

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