Molly gets her Churchill medallion!

Well I submitted my report and now the real work starts! I attended the Churchill Fellows Association of Victoria dinner on July 31st at Bayview Eden, where I was presented with my beautiful Churchill Fellow medallion! The medallion was designed and made by a previous Fellow and I must say I felt a little like an Olympic athlete, but thank goodness we weren't given a stuffed was far more refined!
It was great to catch up with my "alumni", the other 2008 Fellows, most of whom have completed their travels and returned home. It was wonderful to hear about the projects that the 2009 Fellows are doing and I must say I was really impressed with the diversity of subjects, from green transport initiatives to supporting same sex attracted high school students........Winston would certainly be proud of the breadth of talent and enthusiasm we have here in Victoria.
Just a reminder to you all. If you feel passionate about something and you want to make a difference, seriously consider applying for a 2010 Fellowship. The time is right to start thinking about planning your submission NOW, so get off the couch and change the world!!!!! Type remaining message over this text.

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