Getting my catholic "fix"

Having been to so many Anglican Church services in England, I made up for it by going to Mass in every Catholic Church in Paris..........well almost! I KNOW..........I am prone to an occasional exaggeration, but I DID go to Mass at Notre Dame and Sacre Coeur and also visited Sainte Chappelle (just for fun!). Those of you who are "micks" will not need "going to Mass" described in detail, I'm sure, and those of you who aren't Catholics, probably won't care, so I'll not ramble on about the continuation of my spiritual pilgrimage, but I WILL post some extraordinary photos of the above mentioned churches and hope that they may inspire you to reflect on what it is that makes YOU feel connected to your spiritual selves. For me? You can't beat ornate vestments, frankincense, candles, quiet and lead light matter where, when or which denomination!

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