The count down is ON!

Finally the countdown is on to my departure on my Churchill Fellowship. The last few weeks have been incredibly hectic, what with finalising things at work and handing over what needs to be done for the North and West Metro Region Palliative Care Consortium to the incredibly efficient Kerrie Chambers (who will be picking up a load of work in my absence), in addition to packing, planning and quaffing in preparation for my departure! This last week has been particularly busy as we had a wonderfully successful performance of our play "Four Footprints (otherwise known as "Four Funerals in One Day") yesterday at the Hume Global Learning Centre in Broadmeadows, attended by around 100 local community members and last Sunday a wonderful "going away" party at our place in Inverloch. The party was rowdy and creative with all in attendance dressing in theme with the countries I am visiting on my Fellowship. We had ( among others) lots of cowboys, a Super Trouper, a porn star, the Statue of Liberty, Pamela Anderson (most impressive!), French painters and eccentrics, Moulon Rouge dancers, Dame Edna, Indiana Jones, a four month old prisoner from Alcatraz, a very attractive Druid priest and of course the Queen was in attendance (I must say, she was so convincing half of the attendees didn't realise it was me!)! But now I'm at the "pointy end" and sitting here typing away after making last minute alterations to newly acquired "cold weather" gear, with only the packing and the instructions about how to upload photos, skype and navigate international airports to go! So for now to you all it's au revoir and please keep in touch while I'm away. I hope to get a post up here every couple of days so you will all know what I'm up to, in the mean time, look after each other! Carpe Diem!, Molly
(The attached photo is of Queen Molly and my good friend Suzie (The gorgeous French woman)

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