Niagara Falls and Molly goes to Canada!

Even though Canada wasn't on my itinerary, I crossed the bridge! It was actually very easy to cross over from the U.S into Canada. I'd always seen Niagara Falls on telly and thought it looked pretty good, but had some reservations. I'm so glad I went! It was truly amazing and the sculptured gardens and walkways on the Canada side were beautiful! The metaphysician in me really connected to the movement of the water, the foam and froth and the water spirits who you could see quite clearly if you looked hard enough. I was astounded when the boarder immigration man told me that only 25% of the water now goes over the falls as 75% is diverted to the hydro plant. I tell you, you wouldn't want to fall into that water......apart from it being FREEZING, it's so rough........all white water and there are memorials everywhere to people who have drowned trying to save others who have fallen in! Needless to say I hung onto the rails and NEVER got too close to the edge (my beloved would never forgive me if I ended up on the U.S news for being dragged from the falls as a water-soaked, irresponsible Aussie!)On my way back to wait for the wonderful Mr. Moe (more about him later) to pick me up, I heard a rustle in the bushes and looking closer saw my very first squirrel! I spent ages sitting on the grass with them running around me, stopping, looking and then chasing each other up and down was truely wonderful! So if you get a chance, go and see the Niagara Falls and spend some time in the nature reserve on the U.S side and you too may be able to play with a bunch of squirrels!

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