Society for Arts in Healthcare Conference starts

Well I'm into day two of the SAH conference here in Buffalo. Had a great day yesterday hearing about how people have created partnerships to get their arts projects and hospital programs up and running. Had a great evening with the grief and loss guru, Sandra Bertman on Tuesday night and we both indulged in our first "appletini" which for those of you who watch "Scrubs" will know is "J.D"'s favourite drink, but BOY it packs a punch! It was fantastic to have Sandra to myself for the evening and we talked a lot about the similarities and differences in provision of bereavement services and grief and loss education between Australia and the U.S. Today's presentations have been many and varied, but was inspired by Shaun McNiff who spoke about mainstreaming arts programs and education and I had a chat to him about "Four Funerals". I'm very impressed with the range and scope of projects and programs running here in the U.S. Some health services have artists in residence working with both adults and kids, which is something I'd love to explore further with my palliative care pals when I get home. I had lunch today with the "Spirituality Special Interest Group" and was able to boast about the work we have done in the North and West via our "Who Am I?" resource (well I didn't really boast, but people were very interested). I'm off tonight to a reception and theatre performance, so will have heaps to add to the next entry. In the meantime the temperature has started to warm up, today it was about 7 celcius, but is supposed to get up to the high teens by the end of the week. Photo is of Sandra Bertman and I with our "appletini's"!

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