Fried Green Tomatoes.........oh yeh!

You probably all know my favourite movie is "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe" Well, I don't have a clue where Whistlestop is, but I found FGT's at Harry's Cafe and Grill in Gainesville, Florida and I must say, they were awesome! No wonder old "Ms Thredgood" loved them so much. Luckily I had a very helpful waitress who explained how to make them, so watch out everyone at home, I'll be frying them up as soon as I get home!
BY THE yet to receive a single email from home. Just letting you all know! I even listened to the Hilltop Hoods today, and that wasn't even enough, so get "tapping" you guys!

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Anonymous said...

oh iggi,

did they actually taste nice