Looking out from the Bath Abbey Tower!

You may not believe it, but I climbed the 212 steps to the top of Bath Abbey.....and back down again!. Bath Abbey is absolutely beautiful. The Abbey itself is full of headstones, leadlight, statues, alcoves and an awesome bell tower. I climbed the very skinny spiral staircase up to the bell tower and looked at the bells which are held in place by huge beams containing graffiti from the 17th century.......amazing! In behind the bell tower itself is a little room that is directly above the altar and there is a small hole (about 2cm in diameter) in one of the beams that looks down onto the nave so that the bell ringer could see the bride and groom during a wedding and therefore would know when it was time to ring the bells! I guess it wasn't practical to have a priest running up and down the stairs giving the bell ringers their cue.
Attached is a picture of the hole, the bells and also a video of the view from the Bath Abbey tower.

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