My amazing friend Alan Hopgood as "Clarrie" in Four Funerals in One Day

Plays all over the place! While I was at the theatre with Cathy watching "Shipwrecked" in Florida, "Four Funerals in One Day" (sometimes known as "Four Footprints") was playing in my hometown and surrounds. It was great to hear that it went so well with bucket loads of people turning out to performances across Gippsland. I must admit I was really sad I couldn't be there, particularly at the Leongatha and Wonthaggi shows, but wanted to make sure my thanks go to all who organised the tour, my dear friend Alan Hopgood and the wonderful cast Michelle Hall, Jenny Seedsman, Margot Knight and the ever vigilant production manager Erin Prater, Anthony Hooper, Consortium Manager for Gippsland Region and my mate Mandy Geary (who spent many a sleepless night counting ticket sales, wine bottles and blocks of cheese). Would love to do a reprise when I get home! Thanks also to my brother Matt who sent me this wonderful photo!

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