London is "a buzzin"!

London cold????? No way! I arrived in London after a long flight from the U.S, gathered my bags and walked out of Heathrow bracing myself for an icy wind and grey, miserable sky and guess what? First I took off my coat, then my scarf, then my cardi.........(don't worry, I stopped at the teeshirt) and I was still hot! Who said London is dull, cold and gloomy? Lucky for me I had booked a shuttle transfer to my hotel in Bloomsbury and there were number of other people on the bus who got dropped off first, so I got a free tour around town before I'd even checked into my hotel! (well it wasn't actually free, but I could have been dropped off first and seen nothing). Spent a relatively quiet day unpacking and wandering around the local area getting my bearings. Found a nice pub and sat outside for an early dinner before heading back to bed. I couldn't work out why my face felt tight, until I looked in the mirror and saw I was sunburnt!!!! Me? I'd just come from 25-35 C in North Carolina and Florida and then got burnt in London, "I don't believe it!!"

Must mention I'm staying just up the road from the home of my favourite British author. Imagine my delight as I walked down the street to find a plaque to Charles Dickens, the voice of the ordinary people! Wow this place is cool! I wonder when there will be a plaque on the home of my favourite Australian playwright? Mmmmm, wonder who that could be (hint, his photo is below)!

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